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Our estate sales blog posts are all about estate sales, isn’t it obvious? Posts in this category include things like guides to hosting your estate sales, what to look for when shopping them, picking a company, and much more. Just about everything we write about on our Certified Estate Sales blog is related in some way or another to estate sales, so you will find a wealth of information here.

We have learned these bits of information from hosting hundreds of estate sales over the years in Atlanta and many other communities in Georgia like Alpharetta, Milton, Polo Fields, and more.

If you are looking to host an estate sale of your own or looking at how to shop them and find them better, you can find everything you need to know right here. You can also, of course, get in touch with us any time you need additional help or would like to ask a question. It’s what we do and we’re happy to help!

Get the information you need from the pros!

Estate Sales in East Cobb - What's for sale?
Update: We have no added the full gallery of estate sale pictures and items for sale at this East Cobb Estate Sale at the bottom of this post! A certified Estate Sale is happening this weekend in East Cobb! Taking place on a gorgeous boulevard on Woodlawn. This three-day estate sale starts Friday, July 20th...
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Estate cleanout services Atlanta
Did you know that there are a lot of estate sale companies out there who don’t only focus on settling someone’s estate when they die? Even though that is the traditional definition of an “estate sale,” Many companies (including ours) also help to clean out services homes when people are ready to move, downsize, or just...
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Estate Sale Companies Atlanta
Certified Estate Sales is a top choice among Atlanta estate sales companies. Atlanta is central to our business, with our company headquartered just outside the center of the city in Marietta, GA. Not only do we serve our hyper-local Marietta community with our estate auction and estate liquidation services, but we provide to the entire...
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