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Owning an estate sale company is a personally and financially rewarding opportunity. With the flexibility to live life on your terms, you’re able to finally break from the chains of corporate America. Baby boomers are downsizing at an increasing rate. The number of estate sales in the United States is on the rise. These sales are fun, energizing, sometimes stressful, and always entertaining.

Flexibility & Autonomy

One of the greatest things about owning an estate sale company is the freedom that comes with it. Since you don’t have a set location, you’re not tied down. Your “office” constantly changes and so does your scenery. Likewise, your overhead is low. Work when you want, and take time off when you need it. Most of our franchise owners started their operation in a home office where all that was needed was a small storage area for materials necessary to conduct a sale, a computer and phone.


Owning an estate sale business is financially and emotionally rewarding. You will be engaged everyday helping families and interacting with your community. You will create a loyal customer base as you assist people transitioning in life. 


With a proven business model, we have one of the lowest start-up costs of any franchise available. We believe in finding the right people and keeping the brand strong over profits. We succeed when you succeed. We show you the way and provide you continuing support and guidance, but the business is your business. 


Take the guesswork out of starting a successful business. We have been operating in the market for nearly a decade and are responsible for hundreds of profitable sales. We have developed a step-by-step process that will ensure your success too. There are many things to consider when starting a business and we will be your resource when questions arise.


Our experiential training program will take the information gleaned from our training program and put them into practical use, testing your ability to obtain, prepare, execute and closeout a successful sale. Once you complete our experiential training program, you will be confident in your abilities and a force to be reckoned with!


We believe that every client and customer should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and hard work. We expect our franchisees to conduct sales in a professional, organized manner that reflects our brand and company’s values.

Why Franchise with

Certified Estate Sales?

The process of running an estate sale can be deceivingly complicated. With hundreds of sales under our belt, we’ve learned how to navigate these sales with ease. Franchise with us and we will pass our experience onto you, including:


  • How to get the jobs
  • How to manage homeowners
  • How to maximize your sales
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