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Dave Campanella
Dave C.
22:38 31 May 20
Certified Estate Sales is the best! I can speak from a buyers perspective and client. They helped my family a few years ago and did my wife’s aunt’s estate sale in Sandy Springs. It was a FULL house with plenty of high-end furnishings & decor. But no job seems to be too big for Certified! I witnessed Sarah take exceptional care of the family’s belongings back then as a client, and now that we attend sales as customers, Sarah continues to go the extra mile to assist. She is extremely knowledgeable and strives to make everyone’s experience pleasant... and is always working her butt off. Certified has a great crew! Highly recommended.
Randall Homsher
Randall H.
16:30 31 May 20
Randy Homsher
Randy H.
12:37 31 May 20
Kenna Little
Kenna L.
22:49 30 May 20
I've been on their email list for a little over a year now and every single sale I have been able to get out to has always been so well organized and clean. I like the enthusiasm their team has and how courteous they are. There are a couple of staffers in particular that are always extremely helpful namely Charlene in my experience. Good vibes from her and she knows how to point you in the direction of the good stuff!!! I always look out for her because she's great. If I ever see that they have a sale coming up anywhere near me I always try to stop by to see Charlene, the rest of the crew and some great affordable takeaways.
Agnes Karoline Dumont
Agnes Karoline D.
19:17 04 May 20
My wife and I have been following and purchasing from this Certified Estate Sales for quite some time. We have nothing but the BEST to write about the company, management and employees... The staff are professional, courteous and on top of their game. As an interior designer, I'm always searching for home décor items that are outstanding and unique - with Certified Estate Sales, I am confident of finding those items every time.
Henry Foah
Henry F.
18:03 09 Dec 19
Certified Estate Sales!! What can I say about this company! I regularly attend their sales. They are professional, helpful, and so nice to work with. Everything i have bought has been extremely fair priced and if you go on the last day of the sales they have some great deals! If you havent gone or thinking about using them I highly recommend!
Daniel Kramer
Daniel K.
16:36 17 Nov 19
love our chess set...super nice...very great company
Jim S
Jim S
16:57 22 Jun 19
We always enjoy attending sales managed by Certified. They do a great job, things are priced well, and we find them very helpful and courteous. This is not the case with all estate sale companies... these folks do a great job. We look at their sales first when deciding which to attend.
Liza Wright Wallace
Liza Wright W.
19:15 16 Jun 19
The Atlanta area boasts many companies in this business, and CES is one of my favorites! Their sales are organized, well priced, and the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I don't want to recommend them (because y'all better not swoop in on those deals before I get there) but as both a buyer or seller, you'd miss out by not checking their events out. I can't speak as a homeowner or family using their services, but again as a customer I'm always impressed by how professional and helpful they are and even in stopping by multi day events, they get stuff sold!
Scott Berman
Scott B.
04:37 15 Jun 19
I've been going to Estate Sales for many years and Certified Estate Sales is always on my list. Professional and courteous staff, Great Sales and I would recommend them for your buying experience or if you need them to do your estate.
Jaclyn McNeil
Jaclyn M.
12:51 16 Apr 19
I love all of the people who work for this company. They are knowledgeable, fair, honest, and friendly. I highly recommend you check out one of their sales!
Kasey Strother
Kasey S.
16:08 28 Feb 19
Over the past 5 years, I have worked with Certified on more than 200 occasions. The entire team is the most professional and helpful group of people that I've ever done business with. When deciding which sales I'm planning on going to every week, I seek their sales out first because I know the experience will be exactly what I have come to expect. I couldn't recommend them more. Truly exceptional customer service and professionalism.
Kasey Strother
Kasey S.
16:04 28 Feb 19
Over the past 5 years, I have worked with Certified on more than 200 occasions. The entire team is the most professional and helpful group of people that I've ever done business with. When deciding which sales I'm planning on going to every week, I seek their sales out first because I know the experience will be exactly what I have come to expect. I couldn't recommend them more. Truly exceptional customer service and professionalism.
03:00 25 Feb 19
I stopped in at another Certified Estate Sale this weekend, and I have to say, I always leave from their sales with a treasure or two and a smile on my face. The staff are very helpful, but possibly even more importantly, they're incredibly friendly as well. If you've ever hosted your own garage / yard sale, you know how exhausted the host can be even BEFORE the sale starts because of all the prep work involved. Even on day 3 or 4 of a sale, the young owner and his employees still find a way to be laid back, friendly and helpful. And I appreciate that! It doesn't hurt that they price reasonably as well. :D
Cathy Lilley
Cathy L.
18:55 24 Feb 19
I just bought my first purchase yesterday from Certified Estaye Sales and everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating! They made the process easy and fun! I can’t wait for the next one. They have created a customer for life! 😊
Jan Chandler
Jan C.
13:47 07 Dec 18
I want to take a moment to praise the team at Certified Estate Sales! After interviewing several estate sale companies, we are thrilled that we hired the CES team. The process was amazing, not to mention the high moral character of the team. As a client, I felt that my home, my belongings and my wishes were handled with respect and the utmost care. The team was also fun, friendly and professional. I highly recommend this terrific company to handle your estate sale!
Anita Grice
Anita G.
10:59 18 Oct 18
Melissa Barton
Melissa B.
20:38 14 Aug 18
We always have great luck finding treasures with this company! The team is always very professional and friendly!
Melissa Cribbs Barton
Melissa Cribbs B.
20:33 14 Aug 18
Certified Estate Sales has the most professional and courteous team! We have always found great treasures at their sales!
Dawn Broekhuizen Ballis
Dawn Broekhuizen B.
00:27 26 Feb 18
What a great experience with Certified Estates Sales!! Debbie, Drew and the rest of the crew you rock!! I could have never done it without you!! Highly recommended and I will recommend you!!
evelyn trisch
evelyn T.
16:21 01 Nov 17
I thought this group has done my dad's estate sale and posted a review but found out later it wasn't them still from the previous review and speaking with the lady at the office I am sure they are as competent as a people we used. Sounds like they really do a great job
Npmd Markethealth
Npmd M.
18:25 10 Oct 17
Jaclyn McNeil
Jaclyn M.
02:39 18 Aug 17
The greatest people you'll ever meet. � � � �
Melanie Burris
Melanie B.
04:56 07 Aug 16
Cheri Krabbe
Cheri K.
20:41 21 Jul 16
Our sale was a great experience for us, we sold everything in our house & moved to a much smaller place at the beach in Florida. The entire staff went over & beyond our expectations making this move so much better for us. I can not say enough good things about everyone of them & am so grateful for there caring attitudes.
Gregory Bieger
Gregory B.
16:43 20 Jul 16
Kathryn Collura
Kathryn C.
01:12 30 Jun 16
Needed to sell a number of household items and furniture. This company was very helpful--a good team. They know how to price and stage to get top dollar. Special kudos to Drew.
Candy Jordan
Candy J.
12:16 31 May 16
I recently hired Certified Estate Sales to help liquidate my parent’s house of 48 years. As you can imagine, after moving my mother out of her home and taking enough furniture to fill a 3 bedroom condo, there was still a ton of stuff left! My parent’s house went under contract in 24 hours and closing scheduled in 30 days. I didn’t know where to begin! Clay and his crew came in, explained in detail exactly how they were going to handle inventory, the estate sale, the donation of items, and finally the clean out of my childhood home. Not only did we make more money than what we expected from the estate sale, Clay and his employees handled everything from beginning to end professionally and courteously without a hitch. They even went above and beyond the realm of what they were contracted to do when another contractor failed to do their job. Clay and Drew swooped in and saved the day! I can’t say enough about this wonderful company. Definitely a class act! At this day in time, it’s very hard to find a company that will actually complete a job in its entirety without a hiccup. I can assure you that Certified Estate Sales does their job with confidence, integrity, and professionalism. If you hire this company, you won’t be disappointed!

Dear Certified Team,
The estate sale was terrific! You and your team brought the energy I didn’t have to quickly, professionally and profitably empty my Mom’s home in three days. Your group researched many items to determine their market value and had the expertise to set realistic prices. During the sale, you and your family of assistants had the experience to know when to negotiate on a price and when to stand firm. Once an item was sold, you even helped buyers carry large items away…bringing new meaning to “full service”!
It was also fun working with the Certified Estate Sales group. You treated our “treasures” carefully and respectfully but added a great sense of humor that made what could have been a physically and emotionally draining time into a positive event.
Certified Estate Sales is the best!


Ever see The Vikings with Kirk Douglas? At the end of the movie, Kirk’s character dies, and they put him and his belongings out to sea on a ship. Then they shoot flaming arrows at it and set it on fire. I was moved by the whole thing and surprised by my wife’s reaction: “Well,” she told me as I was getting teary eyed, “that seems like a waste of a perfectly good ship.”
Years later, my brother passed away, and we had to deal with his belongings, which is always tough to do when you’ve lost someone you love. We met with some Estate Sale companies and weren’t feeling too good about them, which led to me telling my wife, “That Viking funeral is beginning to make sense now, isn’t it?”
Thankfully, we eventually crossed paths with Certified Estate Sales. It’s a company run by brothers Clay and Eric McNeil, and they felt like family to us. They’re understanding, totally honest, hard working, easy to deal with — everything we could have hoped for and more. They helped us get through a very rough time, and we can’t thank them enough for it. I’d say I highly recommend them, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Glenn Phillips

In August of 2013 my husband and I decided to downsize from our large home in Indian Hills to a much smaller condominium. A realtor friend suggested we use Certified Estate Sales to help us get rid of our extra stuff. The stuff had been part of our lives for way too long – decades. We had moved it multiple times but like most people we didn’t want to give it away because it had some value. We talked to one other company but they just didn’t come across as professional. Debbie McNeil came for an appointment and we were really impressed. She explained in detail the dynamics of the sale and answered all of our questions. The crew spent a few days in our home prepping and then ran the sale for 3 days. The level of trust that Certified established with us made us comfortable enough to leave for the whole time and get out of the fray. The sale was bonkers! Everything sold and the leftovers were picked up (arranged by Certified) by charity the next Monday. We got a fat check and had a blast buying new furniture for the little condo.
Now that I’m in a much smaller place and not wasting my time constantly organizing useless stuff and stressing over it; I’ve got time for a part time job. I joined Certified Estate Sales a year ago and now I get to be part of the stuff solution for other people! If you are considering an estate saleI highly recommend that you contact Certified. You won’t be sorry and now you’ll get me in the bargain!

Jackie Edginton

What an adventure! Certified Estate Sales will take you on the best treasure hunt available. When you go to one of their sales, everything is perfect from both sides, the Seller and the Buyer. The homes are beautifully staged so that the items are conveniently placed to easily enable you to browse through the hundreds of items available at each sale. You might find some treasures that you aren’t sure what they are exactly… Don’t worry Anna, Gigi or Kathy can fill you in on most of the items especially the collectibles. These girls really know their stuff. They provide a “Hold” table to secure your treasures while you are browsing. The Owners Drew & Clay are very knowledgeable also and are so helpful at the sales. Everyone that we have met has treated us like family. I know that when the time comes for me to to move on Certified Estate Sales is the only company that I will use. They take such care of the home and items that are available that I couldn’t imagine trusting my home with anyone else. If you don’t believe me just come to one of their sales.

Candy J. | Powder Springs, GA

  • Clay, Jackie, Bruce and team at CES are a very professional, organized, and compassionate group. They spent days organizing, and setting up an estate sale for us while we were able to spend time with my mother who was in hospice. They took the time to pull out personal items and made many suggestions along the way. After the sale was over they donated items that didn’t sell to a great worthy cause (making sure we received the right off) and completely cleaned the home out .. Empty .. allowing us to only have to do some simple cleaning. I can’t recommend them enough and have suggested their services to several friends!

    Kevin R.
    Buford, GA
  • Excellent team of professionals! All of their sales are very well done. All items are thoroughly researched and very fairly priced. Customer service is excellent for customers and clients. Top notch on every level.

    Casey S.
    Marietta, GA
  • In my travels through out the US I have never met a group of people in the Estate Sale Business as professional as Certified. They have always been very helpful to my family along going the extra mile to make things right. As well as being very organized they are prompt to address any problem in a timely manner. I have watched their interactions with the buyers as well those whom are selling, reflecting a very professional way of doing business. Each item is clearly marked and neatly placed for viewing. I have even asked the owner to help my wife with the our estate in the future, in case anything happens to me. Attending more than my share of estate sales in this area there are some I would never return too, Certified is always in our plans when the bug catches us. This group of people are World Class.

    Thom H.
    Marietta, GA
  • My wife and I decided to relocate. We needed help to liquidate all of our belongings we accumulated over the years. We didn’t want to have multiple garage sells. (That would have been a major headache) One of our friends recommended using Certified Estate sales. We contacted and met with them. We decided to use them and was very pleased with the outcome of our sale. They came in and staged everything as well as, price all our belongings. It was the best decision we made. They did everything and we didn’t have to lift a finger. We highly recommend them!!!!

    Keith N.
    Marietta, GA