Downsizing Sale

Downsizing Sale

One of the many new versions of the otherwise classic idea of the estate sale.

You don’t have to lose a loved one to have a major downsizing sale at home. Certified Estate Sales offers packages for the average downsizing sale. A step further than your average old garage sale, a downsizing sale will significantly reduce your levels of extra stuff.

Organized and executed by us personally, you will maximize profits and price your items professionally for the best results. Our extensive buyer network will guarantee heavy traffic at your sale to drive as much product as possible. Become a friend of the people in your community and get rid of some of that extra stuff at the same time.

Clean house and clean mind

If you need help cleaning out the house for any reason at all, get in touch with us. If you are located in the Atlanta Metro area or anywhere around it, we are located right in your neighborhood. With our franchising program ever expanding, we are moving into many other American communities. There could be a Certified Estate Sale franchisee operation in your area!

Whether looking to downsize for a good reason or bad, we can help you with a professional downsizing sale service that will help you make some money and clear out all of that stuff that you have been dreading to move. 


What is the first step?

You’ll need to do some inventory. It is best to approach the situation with some idea in mind of what needs to go and what doesn’t. We’re sure you have thought about it before.

Do your best to make a list out of all of the items you would like sold. This will make the initial call much easier for us when we are getting ready to quote the job or have a meeting. The extra preparation could make a significant difference in your bottom dollar, so make sure to put in the time!

What does it cost to hold a downsizing sale?

It varies quite a bit from case to case. Honestly, the best way is to get in touch so that we can come out for a free assessment. We can see what you are looking to move, the space you are working with, and get a feel of the area you are holding your sale in. All of these things make a big difference in the final price of the sale with us.

We keep fairness above all. Our objective is to help raise money for you first and pay our bills second. We are in this together!

What is the downsizing sale process?

We will come out for a visit to the house. We will take a look at thie things we are going to be putting for sale. Then, our expert apprasal services will help to determine the best possible selling price for all of the items. Things need to be priced properly to sell while also maintaining the maximum profit margin. It is a tricky process but we are the best in the busienss when it comes to estate appraisals.