Estate Liquidation

Estate Liquidation

What is an "estate liquidation" and what is the job of "estate liquidators?"

Estate Liquidation is defined as the conversion of your assets into cash and the clearing of debt surrounding an estate. Estate liquidators like those at Certified Estate Sales are tasked with helping you to facilitate this process in a professional and successful manner; making sure that as much of the estate is sold off as possible at appropriate market prices.

Items typically sold through estate liquidation are personal belongings

Estate Liquidators

An estate liquidator is a person or company whose job it is to appraise, price, and help sell of the entire contents of an estate for as much money as possible. There is a lot of schooling and certification that goes into becoming an accredited member of an organization of estate liquidators, even though there is technically no formal government regulations in place.

The professional organizations that serve as accreditation boards for estate liquidation services are called the ASEL (American Society of Estate Liquidators) and the NESA (National Estate Sale Association). If the company you are using is accredited by one or both of these organizations, you have a good chance of choosing a vetted professional.

If you are looking to take the research a step further, you can look into references from past clients, shoppers, or online reviews that you can find in various places on the web like a company website or account.

What is the first step?

Do some research on your own. Look into the different accreditation boards and see if you find someone in your area who you think looks reputable to help you. From there, get in touch with them.

If you are in the Atlanta area and need help, you can always contact us. We are also a growing estate sale franchising brand and can help you now in many other parts of the country.

What does estate liquidation cost?

It’s pretty hard to give a general estate liquidation cost that will apply to each and every scenario. Everyone is different, everyone’s situation, amount of stuff, and things most important are different. It would be a disservice to give a cookie cutter price for such a specialized service.

We know that may not have been quite the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth!

How is estate liquidation performed?

There are tons of ways that estate liquidation can happen depending on what you are looking to appraise, price, and sell. We deal with the selling of everything from trinkets and household good to boats, cars, and the homes themselves. Each class of item has its own ways to be sold.

The tried and true way to sell off a bulk of the estate possessions is holding an estate sale.