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Certified Estate Sales is a top choice among Atlanta estate sales companies. Atlanta is central to our business, with our company headquartered just outside the center of the city in Marietta, GA.

Not only do we serve our hyper-local Marietta community with our estate auction and estate liquidation services, but we provide to the entire city of Atlanta and other outlying towns like Sandy Springs and Douglasville.

Estate Sales Atlanta

What is Estate Liquidation?

Estate liquidation and estate sales are similar terms, with liquidation being the parent term and the sale being part of the overall process of liquidation.

If you are looking to sell off parts of an estate after the loss of a loved one, the process is referred to an estate liquidation. The major known part of the liquidation process is the estate sale, which is the more commonly known term that you will hear often.

There are other things that go into estate liquidation, though. When an estate is sold. It is not just small possessions that need to be sold off. Quite often, estate liquidation consists of the sale of the property, contents of safe deposit boxes, heirlooms, other real estate, cars, boats, etc.

Some of the items that need to be liquidated require additional professionals to facilitate the sales. For example, a real estate agent is needed in most states (including Georgia) for the sale of real land. Most of the other items can be sold using a company who has a license for conducting business in Atlanta or Georgia, for example. The same goes for most states and jurisdictions.

In addition to all of this, estate auctions can be held for items of high value that would be best sold at auction. Examples might include fine art pieces by well-known artists, to give an idea. Homes sold by estate liquidators often go to auction, also.

Atlanta Estate Sales

Estate Sales in Atlanta

Every city and town in the world has its own values and culture. Atlanta is among the top cities in America when talking about culture. We are a cultural center for the entire United States, right up there with Los Angeles and New York City. Our strong sense of culture and common values often dictate what is found at the estate sales in Atlanta, and even Marietta.

Of you have amazing finds that you have found in the greater Atlanta area, get in touch with us and share them! We would love to feature them in an upcoming post!

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