Top 6 Reasons to Hire an Estate Sales Company in Metro Atlanta if Your House is Worth More Than $750,000

If you live in the Atlanta Georgia area and your home is worth $750,000-$1 million, there’s no reason for you to be managing the selling of all of your items by yourself. You should use Certified Estate Sales or a company in your area like them to help you liquidate your property before you move or when you need to clear out a property. Estate sales make the whole process of moving out easier. You’ll have less to pack and less to restore when you get to your new property.

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Estate sales are not only for when you lose somebody in your family and need to clear out their entire home. Homeowners often decide to host an estate sale in preparation for a move. After the kids move out, parents often end up doing this when moving into a smaller, forever home where they want less clutter. By use of an estate sale, you can raise funds to help you with the new projects with moving forward and you’ll be able to make the move even easier.

For the purposes of this post, we will describe the benefits of using an estate sales company like Certified Estate Sales to liquidate some of the items that you would rather leave behind then bring with you on your new adventure at your new house with your family.

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Certified Estate Sales Atlanta Georgia Estate Sale Liquidation Company Family Owned and Operated.

Bigger profits

There’s no question that using a professional estate sales company affects the bottom line. Pricing expertise is part of what sets us apart. Estate sales company employees specialize in pricing goods seen commonly in their communities and online. Georgia is our specialty and where we are headquartered so we specialize in the things Georgians have in and around their homes and what they’re looking for as shoppers.

Not just that, but we have a stable of buyers in our network that is constantly being emailed about new events, sales we have going on, the items that can be found at the sales, and more. Our loyal fanbase is made up of our most passionate buyers and they come to each and every estate sale in hopes of finding something to bring home or to resell at a profit.

We specialize in Atlanta and areas that surround it

There are tons of estate sale companies out there a few to choose from. Even in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Woodstock, and all of the other areas of Georgia, you have a few different options to choose from.

We can’t speak for these other companies, but Certified Estate Sales guarantees that we specialize in the communities of Atlanta, the buyers in Atlanta, what they’re looking for, what their price ranges are, and many of the other aspects of the demographics that we serve.

We know what items to price, how to price them, and how to arrange them for the best possible chance of a sale to this unique audience.

Less stuff to bring with you

Have you ever just wanted to start fresh? We all have, that’s for sure!

It’s a lot easier when you have less stuff to bring with you to your new house. If you feel like you’re over the coffee table that you have in the living room, just leave it behind. We can help you not only sell it to someone who needs it or would like to restore it, but you’ll have one less thing to bring with you.

When using a professional moving company, having fewer things to bring along will directly affect the bottom line of your moving expenses. Not only will you be making money by selling your items, but you’ll be saving it by giving your moving company fewer things to haul around town.

We do the marketing for you

When you have to host your own yard sale or some sort of cash generating event, putting the word out and getting people to come can be a big challenge if you aren’t on the main street.

Professional estate sales companies like ours have marketing teams in place to make sure that they’re estate sales are well trafficked with local shoppers.

From our own website to our SEO, content, and guerilla marketing team, we have all of the pieces in place for you that you’d never imagine putting together solo.

Through use of different websites to post the events, our own website and blog, and off-line marketing strategies like flyers, postcards, print media, and business cards, you can leave that part of it to a professional and it can severely impact how much money you end up making and how much of your stuff you end up getting rid of.

The home is cleared out for you

Even if you don’t end up selling everything you wanted to, you have options available to you for liquidating the rest of the assets. We have all of those available in a book that we can provide you with or consult you within any of our meetings.

From posting your items online to helping you find the right places to donate, we have your back on everything when it comes to home liquidation.

All of your items are sorted and organized for you

Our goal, of course, is to sell as much as we can that you want to get rid of. The reality, though, is that everything doesn’t always sell.

Even when you have to take a few things with you that you weren’t planning on, you can count on the fact that it will have been organized for you so that you can easily pack it right back up and get it out of the house on moving day.

You get to relax

Our lives are busy. As we get older, it seems we have less and less time to just kick back and relax.

Making a little bit of extra money and having less stuff to bring along with you on your move is a great benefit, but getting to relax is also an amazing thing throughout this generally stressful time.

Kick up your feet and allow us to do all of the heavy lifting for you (literally), make you some money, and make moving easier.


whether you’ve recently lost a loved one and need to clear out their home or you need to simply clear out your own stuff in preparation for a move or renovations, and estate sale company might be able to help you do that. Get in touch with us today if you’d like a quote on any of our estate sale services in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Woodstock, or any other communities surrounding Atlanta.

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