The Estate Sales Industry

Classically, estate sales were something reserved only for the very rich. The idea of an “estate” was only something associated with wealthy, affluent families. In modern years, the times have changed considerably, as has the number of items people leave behind. Combining that with the fact that people typically have fewer children, there tends to be quite a bit left children have taken the items that are important to them.

All of these factors have to lead to a boom in the estate sale industry, thousands of management companies, and franchising opportunities in the field for the first time historically.

By reading the posts that we have in this category, you will be able to take advantage of the knowledge we have on the estate sale industry, current trends, opportunities, and more.

house with estate sale sign out front
The estate sales industry is one of those in the United States that has no centralized governing body. Nobody is out there making the rules that all of us as estate sale companies have to follow by law. Every single company that you come across has different rules and regulations in place to keep them,...
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Certified Estate Sales proudly hosts and manages estate sales in the GA and Atlanta Metro areas. We do very well in our area and are an asset to the community – able to help people clear out some of that extra stuff while making a bit of money, too. It is a rewarding business to...
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Stock Certificate found at an Estate Sale
Casually browsing a garage sale in California one sunny day, estate sale shopper Tony Mahron came across an old Palmer Union Oil Company stock certificate dating back to 1924. Research of his later showed that through a long chain of mergers, acquisitions, and purchases of companies throughout time, Coca-Cola might owe him something in the range...
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Estate Sales Company Atlanta Marietta Ga
If you are an avid reader of our blog, we’re sure you know how passionate we are about estate sales. There are plenty of things to love about the business. We are able to help connect people to neighbors and friends in their community of Atlanta, GA, or wherever it may be. Helpingn families in...
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History of the estate sale There was a time when the term estate sale was associated only with very wealthy members of society. People who might have rooms full of renaissance era cutlery, furniture, and fine art, for example. We don’t know if that ever actually was the case, but we can tell you it...
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