Estate Sale Holy Grails: A Saga of Amazing Treasure and Rare Finds

The staff at Certified Estate Sales does not just organize state sales to help families with the liquidation of estates, we are also avid treasure hunters and estate sales goers. Nothing makes us happier than to surf the web finding the most incredible discoveries ever made!

Here is a short 5 entry list of some of the things we have just recently come across. We hope you enjoy!

Make sure to get in touch and let us know if you have found hidden treasures yourself. We will make sure to include it in our next post!

1. Lucky shopper finds a signed Gabriel Iglesias action figure at Goodwill and Gabriel confirmed it was his signature on Twitter

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a shopper has found a signed action figure limited to 1000 pieces at a Goodwill for $2.99!

Gabriel Iglesias action figure signed

Original post by Redditor: Texastechtanner

2. 1987 version of Stadium Events found at an estate sale

One of the most collectible Nintendo games of all time – Stadium Events by Bandai was picked up at an estate sale for $5.00. This game is highly cherished by game collectors and treasure hunters alike. Nintendo has a passionate fanbase that goes crazy for this kind of stuff!

Stadium events 1987 found at estate sale
Redditor: Twigglesmg

Just to give you an idea of the resale value of this game, we did a quick Google search for you!

Family Fitness Stadium Events pricing for Nintendo

Didn’t know video games could sell for this kind of coin? Well neither did the estate sale reps. People get lucky like this all the time when browsing the collections left behind at estate sales.

This rare version of Stadium Events has sold for up to $15,000 at auction in mint condition.

3. Original West Point Vince Lombardi sweater sold for $43,020

Vince Lombardi collectibles
Photo by CBS Sports

If we tell you that this lucky lady picked up this prized possession for less than a dollar, would you believe us?

This one of a kind sweater was sold by a thrift store for just 58 cents!

Sean and Rikki McEvoy were lucky enough to purchase this legendary sweater from a thrift store for the low price of 58 cents.

It wasn’t until later on that they discovered just what they had. Once they realized it, it was quickly put out to auction, where it sold for just over $43,000.

“I didn’t see the Lombardi tag when we walked out with it or I might have made a connection,” McEvoy told” My wife saw it, but she didn’t know who that could be.”

4. Frankenstein movie poster sold for over $300,000

collectible horror movie posters frankenstein

The original 1931 Frankenstein movie was an unexpected, yet massive success later on in the 70’s when the film was re-released in theatre.

Movie poster collectors and horror movie collectors alike can appreciate this amazing find. We aren’t sure what this poster was purchased for, but it sold at the Heritage Auction House in Dallas, TX for a whopping total of $358,500.  A price that exceeded some estimates by over $100k.

5. Collectible cameras found at an estate sale

Retro Polaroid cameras found at an estate sale

This lucky Redditor stumbled across these collectible retro Canon and Polaroid cameras in rare fashion at an estate sale.

Initially passing right by the 35mm Canon camera, priced at $50, he decided to make the last pass towards the end of his visit and check the table out once again.

On his second pass, he noticed 2 retro polaroid cameras which he ended up getting for free at the end of the estate sale as they were closing up along with the Canon! Talk about luck!

Goes to show you, the early bird doesn’t always get the worm. Definitely not when talking about estate sales shoppers.

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Until next time, keep those treasure hats on full tilt, hunters!



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