Estate Sales Planning and Estate Liquidation for Beginners

Estate liquidation is a difficult undertaking in more ways than one. You are dealing with the death of a loved one. Most of us know how hard that is. It goes without saying. Not only that, but you are tasked with clearing out the excess belongings that are left behind.

How do you even begin? The sheer amount of stuff left behind is often too much to wrap your head around.

Estate liquidators like the good people at Certified Estate Sales exist to help.

The age-old question: To sell, or not to sell?

Estate sales management Atlanta

Estate liquidators

The goal of estate liquidation is to eliminate the belongings of one’s estate after their death. This is often accomplished with an estate sale.

Items liquidated often include:

  • Contents of safe deposit box
  • Valuable heirlooms
  • Jewelry
  • Fine art
  • Collectibles
  • Furniture
  • Homes
  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Animals
  • Livestock
  • Etc.

Anything you can imagine is auctioned off or sold at estate sales every day. There are re-sellers who make livings selling the things that they find at sales all over the country.

Estate liquidators work on behalf of the executor of the estate. It is their job to effectively facilitate the estate liquidation and sale. Professionals exist to manage the entire process from beginning to end. This includes doing inventory, valuing the items being sold, organizing a sale, putting the word out to buyer networks, staging the home, and running the estate sale itself. There is a lot to be done!

Estate liquidation specialists

Choosing a local estate liquidation service

It is possible to hold an estate sale yourself. All aspects can be handled privately by the family or executor of the estate.

Regardless, most people choose to use a professional service to manage the liquidation and estate sale for a few reasons:

  1. Knowledge of the process

    Professionals have more experience than a single person can ever have. They have done it before, are familiar with all of the challenges, and know how to face them to yield the best possible result.

  2. The grieving process

    The executor of an estate is often someone related and close to the decedent. Selling off assets of an estate is often the last thing a person would like to deal with at this time. Regardless, this process is best handled as quickly as possible from the time of death, especially if the plan is to sell the home.

  3. Buying and selling experience

    Professional estate liquidators tend to be highly experienced sellers. Good companies have hundreds of sales in their portfolio. They have seen it all. They know how to value items properly.
    Some of the most valuable collectibles are often things that many would write off as junk. Having someone involved making these distinctions can mean a difference numbering in the thousands of dollars.
    The sales revenue you will gain by using a professional is often enough to pay them for their services!

  4. Buyer networking

    Every successful estate sales company has a valuable network of buyers and platforms to put the word out about upcoming and current estate sales. For example, you can check out all of the live sales we are running right on our site! There are hundreds of platforms to help get the word out to interested buyers.
    Having these resources will yield a higher quality sales result. Companies are often able to achieve in one weekend what could take a private estate sale months to accomplish.

Leave estate sales planning to the pros

Liquidation of an estate doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to put a toll on your family or you. Using a management company will help you to take care of the process and yield a better result without lifting a finger (unless you want to).

There are costs associated with using professional services. Estate liquidation is no different. The difference is what that money could help you to gain long-term. Having a professional conduct your sales process will result in more income more quickly. Income better used to pay for things that really matter in the months following the death of a loved one.

If you are in need of our services in the Metro-Atlanta area or anywhere nearby, get in touch with Certified Estate Sales professionals today.

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