Choosing the right estate sales company in your area.

Estate sale companies Atlanta

Estate sale companies seem to be sprouting up left and right. And why not? It’s a business that allows us to help our fellow man in the local Georgia community when they need it most. But the question remains, with all of these estate sale companies to choose from, how do you know which is the best. Allow us to help clear that up.

In this quick informational guide, we address differences between good and bad estate sale companies. There are aspects that, as a host, you should keep in mind to maximize the productivity of your sale. here are a few of the things you should keep in mind.

What do the best estate sales companies have in common?

Here are some of the things that help Certified Estate Sales stand out, but things you can keep in mind choosing an estate sale company in your local area regardless.

An active following of shoppers

The best estate sale companies have big networks of shoppers who follow them on online and know about the sales, come to them, and make purchases. No matter the caliber of items at your sale, it will do little good if nobody is there to see it!

Our marketing team is comprised of those passionate about the industry while being the best at what they do in the marketing world. This is everything from print media and public relations, web design and regular optimization to help our site perform in our local area, drawing in new faces and keeping the regular shoppers up to date on what is happening and when. We refer to this as our buyer network.

The ways in which estate sale companies build and maintain local presence is less important. What is important is that you have access to the largest networks when you need to get word out about your sale.

Strong presence on web and social media

Hundreds of millions of search engine searches are performed every day by active consumers.  Much of the time, people are looking for things to do and things they need. An effective web and social presence allow us to get our sales in front of these people where they like to “hang out,” whether that be Google, Facebook, Reddit, or anywhere else.

We consider this an important chunk of what makes our estate sales some of the most successful in our local Georgia and many other geographies.

Sales hosts and franchisees enjoy having access to this. If you don’t have a Certified Estate Sales franchise in your area, you can look for another company the same way in your geo. Do a search. The people who show up are the ones who are working on this and getting found on the web.

If you’re interested in becoming part of Certified Estate Sales, get in touch with us about our franchise program, where we help local entrepreneurs spread their wings and get started hosting estate sales.


It’s not just marketing that helps estate sale companies become successful. Many of the traits we share are more human Empathy for clients helps us put ourselves in their shoes.

It’s easy to forget when doing business that your clients have feelings and need to be managed emotionally as well as financially. This is true of estate sale management more than any other business out there.

A majority of the time, our clients are dealing with the loss of a loved one as well as the added stress of what to do with their estate. We are frequently dealing with multiple executors. Usually siblings or children. Emotions can run high and they don’t always agree. Being able to help them out and provide wise counsel is key to success.


In summation, let us just say we are not knocking new companies getting into this business for the right reasons. We are simply educating you on how to know the difference between a good company and a bad one in the estate sale management profession.

Use the information provided here to ask the right questions and choose the best when it comes to estate sale companies. Atlanta is one of the most complex markets in the country. We can help you there!

If you have questions, concerns, or are looking to hold a sale of your own, get in touch with us.

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