Posts About Collectibles

Are you interested in hidden treasures and rare collectibles? So are we! It is one of our favorite aspects of hosting and shopping estate sales.

Here you can find a collection of all the posts we have done (quite a few) in relation to collectibles. We are always browsing new collections, entering new collector communities, and sharing the knowledge we gather with you as our readers!

Stay tuned right here for all there is to know about the hidden treasures that people find at estate sales every single day.

There is a slew of common terms that people use every day when shopping on eBay, yard sales, estate sales, and every other kind of sale you can imagine online or offline. Some are here to stay, some are simply fad terms that describe a few choice items in a market, like sneakers or vintage...
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Stock Certificate found at an Estate Sale
Casually browsing a garage sale in California one sunny day, estate sale shopper Tony Mahron came across an old Palmer Union Oil Company stock certificate dating back to 1924. Research of his later showed that through a long chain of mergers, acquisitions, and purchases of companies throughout time, Coca-Cola might owe him something in the range...
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Estate Sales Lionel Trains
Into antique trains? You aren’t alone. There are people all over the world who are into collecting, maintaining, and watching these little Lionel trains spin around their tracks. Some of these little trains can fetch huge prices at auction, but there are other places you may be able to come across them… estate sales! Regardless...
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