Certified Estate Sales proudly hosts and manages estate sales in the GA and Atlanta Metro areas. We do very well in our area and are an asset to the community – able to help people clear out some of that extra stuff while making a bit of money, too. It is a rewarding business to be a pert of and we offer it as a franchise to people in other geographies. You can take advantage of this proven model to do the same thing in your community. Is 2019 the year you will finally make the change and start running your own business?

Certified Estate Sales Atlanta Georgia Estate Sale Liquidation Company
Certified Estate Sales Atlanta Georgia Estate Sale Liquidation Company Family Owned and Operated.

Running your own Estate Sales franchise

We all know the benefits of franchising in general, but what makes running an estate sale company different from other franchise business models? Well, for one, you are going to be dealing directly with shoppers from the community as if it were retail but you’ll be pricing the items yourself. That is part of where the expertise comes in. Good estate sale companies are experts when it comes to pricing items that are for sale at their sales.

Luckily you have a company behind you as a franchisee when it comes to these things. You have access to help and a pool of experience every step of the way. From pricing to managing, selling, liquidating, and even donating, we have the knowledge and connections you need to make the job easy. Much easier than it’d be to start off from scratch.

Some benefits of franchising

Brand name

You get to take advantage of a brand name known in its communities for quality and excellence in the estate sale planning and management fields. People are more inclined to work with brands they know of and are friendly with.

Not just that, but our shopper network is deep and very linked in to our brand. Through platforms like estatesales.net as well as our own mailing lists, past shoppers are notified of upcoming sales in their areas.


Part of the reason our brand is recognized on the East Coast is the marketing we do. As a franchisee, you are able to take advantage of the marketing that we do at the home office at no additional charge. That is another reason franchising is often a good way to go when starting your first (or 10th) business.

Support Network

When you franchise, you are able to take advantage of hundreds of other people who have been through what you are going through when you start a business. they have been there and done that. You can (and should) form relationships with other franchisees as well as corporate training. You will come out of the gates swinging with experience and knowledge on your side. It can make running a business go much more smoothly – especially over the first few months to a year.

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