You ever shop around at an estate sale and think to yourself,” wow, I think I could do this…” Us too. We think that about many things, estate sales just happen to be the one that stuck. That’s what lead us to this business many moons ago. Seems easy enough, right?

We can’t tell you it’s easy. Nothing worth having is, but, we can tell you that running an estate sale business is one of the most spiritually rewarding jobs you can ever do on this planet. It really is worth it once you get into the swing of things.

The estate sale industry as a whole is also booming due to several economic and demographic factors that are constantly changing. If you have ever thought of giving estate sale management a try professionally, you should get in touch with us soon. Now is arguably the best time in history to do so. Thousands of estate sale management companies have sprung up seemingly overnight over the past 10 years.

Demographic factors

Think about the average American family today. How many kids do they have? How much STUFF do they have. Now compare that to a family that was living in the 1920s. There’s a big difference. The middle-class family is more comfortable than they were back then, even though things are more expensive.

Even though collecting, shopping, and selling can be fun, by no means would we tell you it’s easy. The estate sales business can be quite challenging. There is much more that goes into a successful sale than what you see on the day you spend there. Franchisees have 2 or 3 days to clear a house of possessions that took 60 or more years to accumulate. That takes skill and experience to execute properly, but success can mean $20,000 or more to the estate that can help families handle all of the expenses that come with losing a loved one.

The delicate art of pricing and selling valuable items seems like an easy task in the era of eBay and Poshmark, but turning an estate sale business into a profitable one can be a challenging task.

With Certified Estate Sales, running a successful estate sale business is quite possible. We offer franchising opportunities that will give you a kickstart and a support network to get you started.

Franchising vs private ownership

Whether you are starting completely fresh or trying to transition from a small business model to a franchise, Certified Estate Sales is here to assist you with the process and provide a network of Certified professionals to assist you on your journey.

Benefits of Franchising


First and foremost, when your franchise, you are gaining years of experience in a matter of months. All of the mistakes that have been made before you purchased your franchise are there for you to learn from. You will be representing a company that is well known. You will have a support network of professionals that you can call when you need help, have a question or don’t know how to handle any situation. You’d be surprised how many unforeseen challenges arise in the estate sale business. We have you covered on that.

Did you ever think you’d have to be ripping up floorboards to find hidden treasures? Knocking down walls/ You may occasionally have to think “outside the box” to yield the best possible result in this business. Combing through a lifetime of possessions can be a daunting task. Elderly clients, in particular, are known to hide their valuable items in random places around the house. Valuable items, as well as cash, have been found sewn into upholstery and taped under floorboards. These things all need to be uncovered, otherwise, the success of the sale is at risk.


As with most franchise operations in the United States, a major benefit is being recognized and trusted more quickly than you would with a small, local business. A known brand garners a level of trust that an unknown brand just can’t. Not right away, anyway.

Estate sale companies are not licensed or regulated, which can make it hard to compare companies. The task of choosing is left up to the person in need of services. Presenting information properly and allowing them to make an educated decision more quickly is often the difference it takes for them to select you.

Cooperative advertising

When you are part of a franchise, all of the benefits felt from marketing campaigns are felt by everyone involved. This goes for everything from digital marketing to billboards and print media. A consistent, well-branded marketing message goes a long way in this relatively new franchise opportunity.

Thinking about getting started?

Like the idea of owning and operating your own estate sale business? Need more information? We have a page dedicated to franchising where you can find more information. You can also get in touch with us by filling out a form or calling us directly.

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